Being Love: A Virtual Immersion in The Art of Relationship

What? Partner Yoga in Cyberspace? That sounds crazy!

Yes, it did to me too when I first considered it. But after deeper consideration, I grew to like the idea and now I am literally overflowing with inspiration for the possibilities that technology offers including:

Reaching a global audience. No one needs to travel to connect (reducing [...]

Partner Yoga / Better Than Porn

Do you happen to know what the #1 Google search on the planet is? Take a guess before I tell you as it came as a shock to me.

Pornography. Yep. According to some sources, this is one of the most searched for topics on the internet. But is this truly [...]

The Difference Between Acro and Partner Yoga


What is the Difference Between Acro and Partner Yoga?

I am often asked this question and this is my reply; 

Acro Yoga uses partner inversions as the basis of their [...]

Returning Home and The Friendliness of Feelings

‘The ache for home lives in all of us,
the safe space where we can go as we are
and not be questioned. -Maya Angelou

I am so happy to be writing this back in this beautiful land of Colorado. As I settle in, I have been contemplating the [...]

Relaxing into Bliss / Self-Care For the Unmotivated

Sometimes we need a little boost to move us towards self-care action. Do whatever works. Give yourself permission to use your favorite music, herb, affirmations, Nature, connection with an animal or person you feel unconditionally loved by, to motivate your practice. Consider doing the practice outside to receive the added nourishment of the earth. [...]

Unconditional Love and Partner Yoga


I remember when I first received the inspiration and clarity to offer Teacher Trainings. It came after a 10 day Vipassana Retreat. These retreats [...]