The Principle-Based Partner Yoga™  Training is an opportunity to explore and develop skills that elevate our human potential, both personally and professionally. This visionary art expands the traditional practice of Yoga into the realm of relationship and authentic connection with others, and is designed for both Yoga practitioners and teachers, as well as all those interested in elevating their well-being.

This first of its kind training includes an in-depth curriculum and comprehensive Training Manual. The tools and techniques presented are invaluable skills for anyone (1 year Yoga experience required) seeking to live a more connected, heart-centered life.

Graduates leave the training with greater physical, emotional and spiritual understanding of the power of partner practices to deepen individual practices. You also receive inspiration and tools to access the wisdom of the heart and  imbue relationships with greater authenticity. For those interested in sharing the practice professionally, you will find all the necessary tools and guidelines to facilitate Partner Yoga workshops and classes in the Training Manual.

Both Level I and II Trainings are accredited courses applicable toward Yoga Alliance continuing education. You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon completion of the requirements ($25 fee).

See the FAQ’s page for further information, the registration page to apply/register for a teacher training or contact us if you have any questions.

Testimonials from Teacher Training Participants:

“Elysabeth’s approach is unique and accessible to a wide spectrum of students. Her style is gentle yet profoundly advanced. She is a highly skilled guide into the deepest regions of the body, and her creativity and clarity in leading partner practices is the best I have ever experienced.”
E.Todd, Yoga Teacher, Boulder, CO
“I have learned more about my individual practice through this Partner Yoga training than all of my traditional Yoga training combined.”
S. Ceraffati, Yoga Teacher
“Thank you for an amazing and transformational experience – from one to two to one. Let’s take the world hand by hand into harmony and unity.”
T. Zamir, Musician and Partner Yoga Teacher
“Whatever I imagined this Partner Yoga journey to be, it continues to exceed my wildest dreams. I am so grateful you are putting this out into the world.”
L.Fierer, Writer, Yoga Teacher
“Thank you Elysabeth, for creating change in the world – for giving us such beautiful and magical ways to know and support ourselves and each other.”
J. Kennedy, Life Coach/Tantra Teacher