Partner Yoga is not a substitute for individual Yoga practice – it is an accelerated path to experience directly the root principle of Yoga – union. It deepens and sensitizes our individual practice while awakening our direct experience of how we are all intimately connected.

For those interested in developing and deepening their skills and understanding, it is highly recommended that you participant in the Level I Training multiple times.  The practice is a paradigm shift for how we experience authentic relationship with ourselves and others and each Level I combines different postures/practices as well as different co-created group gifts and dynamics.


The purpose of this course is to empower individuals with the skills and confidence needed to share Partner Yoga with others while accelerating their own understanding of Yoga. A comprehensive, continually updated Training Manual is provided at the training.

Level I Topics include:

  • Understanding and implementing Partner Yoga principles as tools for elevating our humanity
  • Cultivating clear, compassionate and confident touch
  • Overview of various approaches to Partner Yoga including: skillful assisting and adjusting, Partner Vinyasa, Mirrored postures, Creative composition of postures, Inversions and Group Practices
  • Balancing Polarities: Alignment for strength, balance and flexibility
  • Understanding the dynamics of gravity and traction in Partner practices
  • Postures presented in ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’ and Training Manual
  • Safely navigating Partner Inversions and Aerial postures
  • Creating private and public class/workshop formats and themes
  • Physical/energetic warm-ups including Thai Yoga Massage techniques
  • Partner and Group Meditations
  • Physical and subtle anatomy of the pelvis and sacrum

Level II Topics include:

  • Review  and deepening of postures/practices
  • Refining quality of touch and and equality of connection
  • Integrating Partner Yoga principles/experience into daily life
  •  Partner Yoga Therapy techniques
  • Bringing Partner Yoga practices to wider populations
  • Partner meditations for opening the heart, cultivating trust and dissolving fear
  • Posture as metaphor for expansion of the Soul
  • Exploring Savasana and Savasana workshop outlines
  • Exploring an embodied experience of the unified field


Testimonials from Teacher Training Participants:

“I have learned more about my individual practice through this Partner Yoga training than all of my traditional Yoga training combined.”
Shelby Ceraffati, Yoga Teacher
“Thank you for an amazing and transformational experience – from one to two to one. Let’s take the world hand by hand into harmony and unity.”
Tom Zamir, Musician and Partner Yoga Teacher
“Whatever I imagined this Partner Yoga journey to be, it continues to exceed my wildest dreams. I am so grateful you are putting this out into the world.”
Lisa Fierer, Writer, Yoga Teacher
“Thank you Elysabeth, for creating change in the world – for giving us such beautiful and magical ways to know and support ourselves and each other.”
Joanna Kennedy, Life Coach/Tantra Teacher