Relaxing into Bliss / Self-Care For the Unmotivated

Sometimes we need a little boost to move us towards self-care action. Do whatever works. Give yourself permission to use your favorite music, herb, affirmations, Nature, connection with an animal or person you feel unconditionally loved by, to motivate your practice. [...]

Unconditional Love and Partner Yoga


I remember when I first received the inspiration and clarity to offer Teacher Trainings. [...]

Listening Together in Nature

This is a practice that expands our capacity to listen deeply. There is a particularly rich and potent intimacy that arises when silence is shared in the natural world.

Consider using this simple, contemplative practice when in need of greater clarity and understanding. The subject may [...]

Celebrating the Weather, however it is Appearing

Happy Spring! I hope this letter finds you enjoying the beginnings of Spring wherever you are on the planet.

I just returned from an incredibly aromatic experience in Santa Barbara, CA. The drought is officially over and there is a sweet sense [...]

The Art of Listening

Words are fascinating! Both the entomology (their origins) and the words contained within a word.

Take the word HEART- it not only contains the word ART but also the word EAR and HEAR.

Listening deeply, with our full presence and attention is an art, a sacred art [...]

Celebrating Diversity

I find diversity delightful. For me it truly is the spice of life and brings such richness and joy to life.

I particularly love when diversity surprises me into seeing reality differently. This is one of the many reasons I continue to be inspired by Partner Yoga, as it is [...]