New Year, New Inspirations!

I can feel the fresh new possibilities 2019 is bringing. Can you? It feels wonderful to be able to start fresh, create something new, and to consider new possibilities and inspirations as the new year begins.

One of the things I look forward to this year [...]

Time to Mother the Mother

I recently took a spontaneous road trip across the southwest. It was such an amazing adventure, visiting loved ones along the way and being inspired by the beauty and majesty of this country’s ever changing landscapes.

At one point, I discovered spectacular, roaring waterfalls in Colorado and was [...]

Unconditionally Embracing Our Heart

What would it be like to live with a permanently open heart?

This is a question that I have been contemplating recently.

What I have noticed is the more I can accept whatever is going on in the moment, the more connected I feel to my heart. [...]

Choosing Connection Over Conflict

How can Partner Yoga practice be used to shift us out of conflict, and back to sweetness with those we love – the space we would all rather hang out?   Most of us have experienced when triggered into anger, how we get caught in our thoughts [...]


I recently had a very personal and profound experience in forgiveness, one that continues to unfold. The experience was inspired by learning more of my mother’s early childhood experience, of being a ‘stolen baby’ as told in the fictionalized account ‘Before We Were Yours’ by Lisa [...]

Holding Opposite Equally

It’s been a while since I last wrote as there has been quite a bit of change and transition in my life. I experienced the impact of climate change up close and personally with the southern CA wild fires and mudslides. There was both deep sorrow [...]