Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ Level I,  is currently the only comprehensive training in Partner Yoga available. It offers invaluable skills for  life, along with a rich opportunity for enhanced relationships and Self-discovery.

The training is NOT just for teachers, and is designed to be accessible to all those interested in exploring the potentials of Partner Yoga. The principles support us in embodying our natural capacity for Compassion, Surrender, Balance, and Joy and provide a pathway to reclaim our innate trust in ourselves and each other .

The training includes all the necessary tools for sharing the practice with others, including an in-depth curriculum and 60 page Manual.

Level I Boulder, CO date just added. Stay tuned for details! June 13 – 16 / 2019

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Upcoming Events

Level I Immersion   March 21 – 24 / Hot Springs, AR

Crystals / Yoga / Healing Waters Weekend / April 25 – 28

Level I Immersion  June 13 – 16 / Boulder, CO

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I find diversity delightful. For me it truly is the spice of life and brings such richness and joy to life. I particularly love when diversity surprises me into seeing reality differently. [. . .]

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Testimonials from Teacher Training Participants:

’I feel more in love and connected to my husband in one weekend of Partner Yoga than all the years of talk therapy we have done’
Sarah, Couples Weekend
‘We feel more inspired to practice Yoga together than we ever have before. It feels like a whole new world has opened up for us during our mid-sixties.’
Jeanette, Couples Weekend
’The weekend was so powerful and meaningful for me…and for both of us as a couple. Your wisdom, insightfulness and gentle strength created an amazing container for all of us. You allowed me to open and learn in a way that was completely unexpected and meaningful. Truly a practice for body, mind and spirit– but even deeper, because it allows us to connect with partners and even strangers in a way that gives a felt sense of interconnectedness.’
Aislin and Rae,
’This was a way deeper experience than I could have ever imagined. I felt a such a powerful and intimate connection through the sacrum connection that moved me to tears’
Rachel, Couples Weekend
‘Watching and feeling the connection in your Partner Yoga Flow cracked something open in me’
Susan, first time Partner Yoga participant