A Virtual Immersion in The Art of Partner Yoga

For Couples, Yoga Practitioners and Teachers


Join Principle-Based Partner Yoga founder Elysabeth Williamson
for this in-depth virtual training – a training that will take you deeply into the principles, postures and practices of Partner Yoga. Cultivate the Sacred Art of Relationship to experience greater intimacy, joy and vitality in all areas of your life.

Partner Yoga practice reveals that it is through our relationships – both with
ourselves and each other, that we discover the joy and depth of our humanity.

Now more than ever, humans need the healing power of touch, combined with the transformative power of touch fully integrated in their lives.

Take Aways

  • Tools to practice, design and / or facilitate Partner Yoga classes and private sessions
  • A wide variety of postures and practices that activate and accelerate your understanding of Yoga
  • Adapting Partner Yoga postures to accommodate various body types, flexibility levels, and experience
  • Deepened self-awareness through contemplation of the principles and self-inquiry journaling
  • Deepened capacity for intimacy, emotional honesty and authentic connection
  • Tools to develop skillful touch with confidence, clarity and compassion
  • Greater sense of vitality, trust and joy in all your relationships

Training includes:

  • Two 2hr  instructional sessions per month, over 3 month period / 6 total
  • Two additional 1hr sessions for Introduction and Integration
  • In-depth weekly inquiry for bringing Partner Yoga principles alive in your life
  • Developing your own home practice including breath work, meditation and posture flow

Materials Provided

  • ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’ 258 pages including over 60 practices in full color. PDF format
  • Level I Training Manual / 80 pages with exclusive materials designed for this virtual training / PDF format
  • Partner Yoga Video Series: Ten Principle-Based Partner Yoga sessions. Includes both foundational and expanded practices

Digital Platform: Zoom

To ensure this program is right for you, schedule a video interview with Elysabeth at partners@partneryoga.net