Creative Yoga Flow / All Levels

In-person and Livestream @ Santa Barbara Yoga Center

Fridays 10-11:15am  Pacific Time


Private Instruction

For Individuals, Partners and Teachers

Partner Yoga for Couples

Kripalu Center, Feb 9 -11
Lenox, MA

Partner Yoga

Level I Training for Everyone

April 4-7, 2024 / Info
Santa Barbara Yoga Center
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Private Instruction

For Individuals, Partners and Teachers

Celebrating Love

with Partner Yoga

Kripalu Center, Feb 10 – 12

Partner Yoga for Couples

at Core Power Yoga
April 7, 2023
Santa Barbara, CA

Learning to Let Go

4 week series on Zoom
April 17 – May 8
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Becoming Fully Human:

Living in Forgiveness and Gratitude

Hosted by Sundance Yoga, Friendswood, TX
May 19-21, 2023

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Training in Partner Yoga

Kripalu Center
August 9-13, 2023
Stockbridge, MA

Becoming Fully Human

with Partner Yoga

Kripalu Center, Aug 11-13, 2023
Stockbridge, MA

Partner Yoga Immersion

Nov 30 – Dec 3, 2023 / Info and Schedule
Santa Barbara, CA /Register now


Private Instruction

For Teachers, Couples and Individuals


Celebrating the Emotional Body Info

Thursdays 7PM Central 4/21 – 5/26
Zoom Platform
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Partner Yoga for Couples

Friday, May 20 6 – 8PM
Core Power Yoga / Santa Barbara, CA
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Savasana: Exploring our Death to Liberate our Lives

2hr social-distanced workshop          Todos Santos, Baja 
Rescheduled! Jan 9 4PM – 6PM
$20US / 400Pesos
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The Heart is a Rose

6week Circle, begins May 12
Facilitated by Leena Dillingham
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Awakening the Heart
In-Person Circle

Friday, May 28, 7-9pm
Enlightened Living Center, Burlington, WI
$20 / 1.5hr

Partner Yoga for Friends
and Lovers

Saturday June 5th 10am-Noon
Enlightened Living Center, Burlington, Wi
$25 / 2hrs

The Power of Touch: Skillful Assisting for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners

Enlightened Living Center, Burlington, Wi
June 6 / 10AM – 1PM
$45 / 3hrs

3month Immersive Training In-Person and Virtual

June 13 – Aug 25
Enlightened Living Center, Burlington, WI.

July / August Workshops

Enlightened Living Center, Burlington, WI
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“My life had been yelling, shaking, and begging me to make serious changes but I had no idea what to do about it – until I joined this circle. Every meeting was so focused and respectful that I really let myself dive in. I was able to see what had been the problem all along – me.

Without this circle I may not have have experienced the support and strength to be courageous, and to realize that it was time to start loving myself again.

Thank you Elysabeth, and all my fellow women holding space for one another.” -Liz

“Gathering every Thursday evening has become a refuge during these uncertain times. Witnessing the courage and vulnerability of each person has helped my heart to heal and expand. Elysabeth is a gentle force who spreads her wisdom, body awareness and love of life, both inner and outer, to all of us who are blessed to be in her presence.     -Lynne

“I am feeling an inner strength gently increasing as we move through the most difficult period, world wide, of my life. The Awakening the Heart Circle has been a primary source of support. I experience profound nourishment in Elysabeth’s leadership and full participation in the exploration of the power, depth and treasure of our Hearts.”    -Elizabeth


“I feel more in love and connected to my husband in one weekend of Partner Yoga than all the years of talk therapy we have done”

Sarah, Couples Weekend

“We feel more inspired to practice Yoga together than we ever have before. It feels like a whole new world has opened up for us during our mid-sixties.”

Jeanette, Couples Weekend

“Watching and feeling the connection in your Partner Yoga Flow cracked something open in me.”

Susan, first time Partner Yoga participant