3month In-person or Virtual Training:

Do I need to sign up with someone else?

Those coming to the in-person training do not need to register with someone else although this is recommended as you will come away with a trained partner to practice and teach with.

It is also recommended for those who attend virtually to register with someone with a friend or partner but this is not a requirement. If you choice to bring a variety of partners to the virtual sessions, this is fine but they will not have access to the training materials.

Do I need to be present for all of the webinars?

No, each of the three instructional weekends will be recorded so you can access them. Ideally, you will be able to attend each one as there will be a question/answer period at the end of each session.

What does the Level I  3-month training include?

This training is designed for personal growth and transformation, cultivating authentic connection and immersive study in Partner Yoga. Attending virtually is an excellent option for participants unable to attend in-person. The 50hr Virtual course includes extensive training materials, additional practices and integration support not included in the 25hr Level I.  Participants receive an expanded version of the Level I Training Manual, PDF version of ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’  as well as access to webinars and instructional videos. 

Is it safe to attend an in-person event during this time?

Studies have shown that physical touch and contact is as important to our well-being as air, food and water – infants literally die without it. This is obviously a personal choice for those committed and responsible to their own health and well-being. The space is maintained hygienically and a spacious environment for the limited number of in-person participants.

In-Person 3.5 day Trainings:

Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed for anyone (minimum one year Yoga practice) who has a serious interest in exploring Partner Yoga. This includes, although is not limited to Yoga teachers, Couples or Body-centered Therapists, Bodyworkers, Midwives, couples desiring a home practice, as well as individual Yoga practitioners seeking to go deeper in thier practice. Partner Yoga is a highly creative art that can be applied in many ways. The course will empower you to share Partner Yoga with a specifically designed format and/or to creatively incorporate the ideas, skills and techniques into your particular modality.

Note: To learn more about Partner Yoga visit our FAQ’s.  Please refer to Curriculum page for a more comprehensive outline of training curriculum. 

Will I receive a certification from attending this course?

You will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ upon completing the hours and post-training requirements. Follow-up training requirements include designing and sharing a PBPY workshop in your community and submitting Self and Student Evaluations. (additional $25 fee for certificate)

Will I be able to use the training hours as continuing education credits?

Yes, Elysabeth has accreditation through the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500, Experienced- Registered Yoga Instructor.

What are the pre-requisites for taking the Level I training?

As Partner Yoga is new to all of us, Elysabeth invites a wide-range of experience into the training. It is best to have 1 year minimum Yoga practice and a general understanding of Yoga postures and philosophy. If you are new to Yoga, please email Elysabeth with your interest/experience. Required reading: ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’ which can be purchased through this site.

You can also  begin your study with the video downloads available on the Resource page.

What is the schedule for the Level I training?

The training schedule may vary depending upon the needs of the Studio and/or participants. Most schedules are available with the online calendar page.

What is the difference between private trainings and studio trainings?

Studio trainings consists of groups of 8 – 30 people. The private/semi-private training is designed for those interested in a more intimate training environment. Some participants prefer to begin with the private training before moving on to the group experience. Private trainings are available for one, two or three participants with varying fees.  Elysabeth is sometimes available to travel for additional travel / lodging expenses.

Why do you recommend participating in Level I  more than once?

As Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ is new for all of us, we recommend that students participate in Level I multiple times as new and different postures and practices are introduced with each training. Each training also has its own unique co-created theme and focus. It is an invaluable opportunity to immerse with others that are sincere and passionate about the practice, as shared group experience exponentially engages our personal growth. Just like we would not take a weekend Yoga course and feel finished with study, the benefits of partner yoga deepen the more you immerse in the practice.

Is it possible to enroll in the Level II component only?

Only those that have completed the Level I training are eligible to enroll in Level II.

Feedback from a Training participant:

1. What was your overall experience in this training?

Overall, I was amazed at the depth of the training. I knew from previous Partner Yoga workshops that I would be able to physically dive deep into my body in a way that I would not if I were practicing alone. But the spiritual and psychological growth and expansion that occurred during that week was transformational.

2. What would you have liked to experience more of or less of?

I found the training to be very well balanced. In fact, at no point did I feel exhausted or burnt out on the material at all. I also appreciated the challenge posed to students to adopt a learning style that would support them to stay grounded and present in the here and now.

3. What did you find uncomfortable or unclear?

I’m sure that as I put the practice into action, there will be postures that present challenges in terms of safety and alignment cues. I appreciate that Elysabeth has made herself available as a resource when this comes up.

4. What did you most appreciate about the facilitator and/or the training experience?

Beyond the course material, the instruction was deeply intuitive and beautiful. It challenged me and helped me to grow in ways that were completely unanticipated when entering the training. Elysabeth’s intuitive spirit was invaluable to my experience.

5. Is there any thing you would like to add about your experience?

Please keep spreading this beautiful practice. I would be happy to help in any way I can from wherever I am in the world.