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Awakening The Heart

6PM/MT  Thursday Aug 6-27

A Virtual Circle designed to assist the evolutionary shift happening on our planet. Receive tools, inspiration and support for opening and activating the innate powers of the heart.


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Awakening the Heart

In-Person Retreat!
July 17-19, 2020
Santa Barbara, CA
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‘As a yoga teacher, transformational coach, and spiritual practitioner, I recommend her work whole-heartedly.                                                           Elysabeth is truly one of the most gifted teachers I know.’
-S. Kappel

‘Elysabeth has masterful intuition regarding the gifts and needs of each student. I was totally entranced                                                                                   with how she individually tailored cueing and postures for each of us, creating an environment of trust, and desire to expand  beyond our perceived limitations.’
-T. Long

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