Level II Training

Welcome to Level II

Level II is an opportunity to expand our understanding, appreciation and experience in Partner Yoga. We begin to see that everything is an expression of Partner Yoga as we are in continual relationship with everyone and everything around us.

We open to a deeper experience of Nature through shamanic practices in ways that reconnect us with the elemental world. We realize that we too are an integrate part of the natural world that surrounds us.

Level II is held in a natural world retreat setting and offers the opportunity to have a rich, communal experience deepening into the truth and felt sense of our interconnectedness with all things. We come away realizing our personal power to be part of the change we which to see in the world.


  • Review of foundational postures and practices
  • Expanded postures and practices
  • Refining quality of touch and understanding the physics of Partner Yoga
  • Deepening our capacity for authentic presence and connection
  • Partner Yoga Therapy techniques for releasing long held patterns
  • Re-programming limiting beliefs and relational patterning
  • Partner meditations for cultivating trust and dissolving fear
  • Integrating Partner Yoga principles and practice into daily life
  • Partner Savasana: Exploring our Death to Liberate Our Lives
  • Creating private and public class/workshop formats and theme

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