Holding Opposite Equally

It’s been a while since I last wrote as there has been quite a bit of change and transition in my life. I experienced the impact of climate change up close and personally with the southern CA wild fires and mudslides. There was both deep sorrow and deep grace surrounding these events.

Grief and loss

Why would we want to explore death?

It can sound rather morbid at first glance and yet my experience is that this practice awakens more joy than any other I have encountered. How could this be so? Because at the root of all of our fears lies the fear of death - our own and our loved ones.

Honoring Our Grief

Because we are creatures of Nature, endowed with its cyclical rhythms. In the same way we honor the changing of the seasons, embracing the dark night of winter, we must learn to honor the changing tides of our Soul’s experience if we want to be fully alive, able to celebrate with joyful abandon when the summer sun is high.


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