“Become your own Beloved, 

mate with your own Soul,

then, Love is Everywhere.”

We live in a time of accelerated change within and without. The need to slow down, reflect and care for ourselves is greater then ever. Illuminated Embodiment is a set of simple, yet profound practices for bringing our Spirit fully into our body, and our relationships.

Relationships begin with our relationship to ourselves, cultivating a depth and quality of alignment on every level with our own being.

Although most of us have been conditioned to sacrifice our own needs, we all sense the deep knowing that it is only through caring for ourselves that we can truly care for others – and that caring for our own body and being actually turns out to be a profound way to serve a world greatly in need of empowered, peaceful beings.

Presented in short or more extended formats, this program is designed to reveal how it is through fully embodying into our own presence and posture that we are empowered to create vibrant, authentic relationships with others, and with life itself.

Illuminated Embodiment programs include:

• Shift from a thought-based, mental focus, to a heart-based, embodied one

• Learn a variety of short, highly effective individual Yoga sequences that are easily integrated into your daily routines.

• Learn Partner Yoga sequences to share with friends and family.

• Explore practices for transmuting challenging emotions and re-parenting ourselves

• Cultivate listening skills to deepen intimacy with self and others

• Gain greater trust and openness toward self and others

• Reconnect with the inner knowing that guides and fulfills your authentic needs

• Learn the power of alignment for empowering your presence

• Learn powerful relaxation tools for gently unwinding deep patterns of pain and stress

• Activate innate capacity for healing touch for use on self and others

• Tools for transforming conflict into greater trust and intimacy

• Illuminate and heal the physical body through attuning to and activating subtle energies.

• Inspiration and inquiry into directing your embodied well-being toward service for others

Healthy, heart-centered embodiment is our birthright. Using both individual and partner Yoga postures and practices, ‘Illuminated Embodiment’ is a path to awakening the ecstatic possibilities laying dormant within the body.