Awakening The Super Powers of The Heart

The Great Change, the Great Unraveling, the Awakening of Humanity. There have been many names given to and prophesied about this time we are in.

Clearly we are experiencing a global phenomena never before experienced. And even more clearly, we can see that how we have been living on this planet is unsustainable and has brought us to the brink of self-destruction.

So what do we do? How do we navigate through this time of radical change, upheaval and uncertainty?

For me, it is through deepening my understanding of and connection to the deepest essence of my being, which I believe resides in the heart center.

The heart holds the innate super powers we need to awaken in order to heal ourselves and our world. It is the bridge between our human and spiritual Natures and contains everything that we truly desire, beyond what we have been conditioned to want.

It is from the heart space that we access our wisdom, joy, courage, compassion, forgiveness, inspiration, understanding, passion, intuition, connection, peace, trust. And the list goes on.

We have been conditioned to go to our intellect, not our hearts to guide us and this is not where our wisdom resides.

The intellect was designed to be in service to the heart but we have become really confused about this and overly identified with our thinking – thinking which brings us away from the moment and our true selves and into past and future realities.

The intellect exists in the realm of duality, judgment and comparisons, while the heart is capable of holding opposites and the paradoxical nature of truth.

The heart is the field that Rumi speaks of when he says “Out beyond ideas of good and bad, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

So how do we make this evolutionary shift in our awareness from thought-centered to heart-centered? What does it mean to be open and centered in the heart? And how do we surrender the defenses we have built up around the heart?

We have all been given as our human birthright, the capacity to choose where we place our attention, even when it seems we are a victim to circumstances beyond our control. And now more than ever we need to exercise our capacity to choose. We can learn through practice to stay centered in our bodies, in this moment, and in the energy of peace.

I believe there is no greater service that we can offer ourselves, our loved ones and our world, than awakening the power that exists within our very own hearts. There is no more effective way to accomplish this than to come together in a sacred circle of intention and mutuality.

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