Embracing Life and Death

“Perhaps the wildness we fear is the pause between our own heartbeats, the silent space that says we live only by grace.”                 -Terry Tempest Williams

Over the years I have had the privilege and pleasure of offering a

The Coming of the Kingdom of Shambhala

A 12th Century Tibetan Buddhist Prophecy

Backdrop for understanding the prophecy:

The core teaching of the Buddha is the radical understanding of the inter-existence of all things, or that all things are inter-related.

The prophecy speaks to a time when Shambhala Warriors will emerge on our

Can Emotional Well-Being Really be Simple?


As I continue down the path of making peace with my emotional nature, I am inspired to share what I am discovering. Teaching and sharing what what I know to be true not only supports others but deepens my own understanding.

Becoming more comfortable with, and accepting of, the full range

Let Go to Create

It is said by those that have studied such things, that manifestation is an exact science, with a formula that can be relied upon to get the results we are seeking.

The formula goes like this: We think of what we want, we feel passionately about it, we

The Courage to Feel


Have you ever wondered why we humans are endowed with this great capacity to feel a full range of emotions and yet are taught that some emotions are acceptable and good, while others are unacceptable and bad?

As a deeply feeling being, this is something that has


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