We want this life changing practice to be available for everyone and realize the price of the 3-month immersion may be prohibitive for some. For this reason we are offering a HALF-PRICE SCHOLARSHIP to partners who are passionate about participating!
Applications open until 30 September 2019.

To apply for this scholarship, please post a video and/or pics on Instagram or Facebook explaining why would you like to participate in this program, whom would you like to join with and how you see the value of Partner Yoga principles: Union, Touch, Grounding, Trust, Compassion, Silence, Intimacy, Balance, Creativity and Community.

Please tag us in your posts and use #PBPY, so we see your content. If you don’t use social media, send your video or images to and we will post for you.

Applying for the scholarship gives us the right to use your images and videos in our social media. Thank you.