The Book

‘Partner Yoga is a way to reconnect with the childlike joy and innocence of our creativity. It is a way to play together – inventing new and fascinating ways to connect with form and energy. In our practice, we are curious and open to possibilities. There is no right way to do Partner Yoga – only guidelines and principles that inspire and guide our practice. As we internalize insights gained in postures, we can see all our relationships as forms of Partner Yoga- conscious and creative exchanges of energy.’– from ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’

‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’ is a synthesis of ancient and modern yogic techniques that focus on both self and relationship development. The book presents simple to advanced partner and group practices that are ideal for those with or without prior Yoga experience. Over three hundred beautiful, unique photographs and illustrations demonstrating over sixty practices.

Autographed copies available upon request.

Endorsements from Yoga Authors:

”This book is a great resource for practitioners of Partner Yoga and goes way beyond the physical aspects of the practice. Elysabeth shows how to use Partner Yoga as a life-enhancing tool for relationship and transformation. A great contribution to the world of Yoga and highly recommended.”
Michael Lee, author/founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, West Stockbridge, MA
”Elysabeth engages her whole being—body, mind, spirit and heart to convey this healing art. The principles provide a holistic approach to the practice of Partner Yoga.”
Lori Kimata, coauthor of Partner Yoga, Making Contact for Well-being, Oahu, Hawaii
”The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga is another great step for practitioners to enjoy in the evolution of Yoga in America.”
Ganga White, author of Doubles Yoga and founder of White Lotus Foundation

Reader’s views:

”I want to thank you for the book. It has been invaluable to me as a personal guide – it is beautiful in every way, the photographs, the writing and the spirit of the book!”
R. Costa, Yoga teacher, Pt. Charlotte, FL
”This book is an elegant and inspiring contemplation of themes essential to Life, not simply the isolated practice of Yoga.”
M. Landon, Mt. Shasta, CA
”This book is truly a timeless work of art and a real reference piece.”
V. Brotman, Yoga Teacher, Pt. Charlotte, FL
”I am very touched by the power of your combined gifts- devotion, attention to details, beauty and the sacred affair in both of your hearts in creating this book…”
T.Estes, founder ElderSpa Innovations, Boulder, CO
”The book is gorgeous. I’m so grateful for your lovely gift; I think the work you do is truly wonderful.“
Regena Thomashauer, author, New York City
”I love your book- I’m sure it will be read and appreciated by many yogic souls. I know you have put many years of hard work and dedication into creating this masterpiece – it has inspired me to keep practicing yoga.”
P. Boblenz, Yoga teacher, Marlton, NJ
”The beauty of this book inspires me to open it again and again.”

S. DeYarus, writer, Amsterdam