November News

Dear Friends,

I am still basking in the sweetness of our recent training – and so appreciating the flow of life, how intelligent it is, and how we always get what we need, not necessarily what we think we want.

In each training there is a theme that emerges, from the combined intentions of the participants. The

The Gifts of Letting Go

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the sweetness of summer. Even here in southern California where the sun shines year round, there is a particular energy of lightness and joy in the fullness of summer.

I have been spending time integrating my recent travels and teaching, and inquiring into what the next movement in

Effortlessness and Alignment

In Partner Yoga practice, there is a sweet space of clarity that emerges when we are in alignment with ourselves and each other.

This space feels both totally effortless, and brimming with lifeforce and bliss. Ironically, this effortless bliss is experienced most profoundly in the more challenging postures such as Hanging Inversion or Aerial Backbends. It

October News

On my recent road trip from Colorado to California, my part Cherokee Indian friend Dean shared an amazing story about Eagles. It goes like this:

Eagles are one of the longest living birds on the planet because of a process of rebirth they go through in middle age. During this time they consciously pull out their

Embracing the Ego

The ego gets a very bad rap both culturally and in spiritual conversation. We often hear ‘how he or she has such a BIG ego’, as if this is a very bad thing, as if having no ego at all would be the best thing we could hope for!

The truth is we would

Inspiration, Fearlessness and Partner Yoga

I feel so inspired right now! It amazes me how my inspiration for Partner Yoga continues to grow and seems to have no limits!

Everytime I see in others, or feel in myself what happens through these practices, I am in awe. I am so touched by the simplicity, and the ramifications – and like the


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