In Partner Yoga practice, there is a sweet space of clarity that emerges when we are in alignment with ourselves and each other.

This space feels both totally effortless, and brimming with lifeforce and bliss. Ironically, this effortless bliss is experienced most profoundly in the more challenging postures such as Hanging Inversion or Aerial Backbends. It takes most people by surprise when they experience this effortless bliss in postures that may appear to most eyes as ‘too advanced’ .

To be available for such an experience, there needs to be some level of trust – both in our own capacity and that of our teacher. Often the first time a practitioner experiences this space of effortless bliss, there is a cathartic response, and tears flow. There is such huge relief when we recognize that we are continuously held by life, and the only effort we need to extend is the effort to align ourselves with this great truth.

“When we align our body and energy with the ground of being, effortless grace appears and we realize that life is much easier and kinder than we had previously believed.

There is no need to struggle, effort, force or even try, all we need to ‘do’ is hold a clear, continuous focus of attention on this aligning with this present moment.”

There is obviously more to the practice of alignment then focused attention alone. It actually takes effort, willingness and intention to come into alignment if we have armored ourselves out of it. Sometimes this effort can feel painful – physically and emotionally. But the greater pain of being out of alignment impels us to bear whatever discomfort arises, because we know on a deep soul level that this is why we are here – to come into a ever deepening alignment with the truth of our being.

Understanding alignment in Partner Yoga practice has been a great gift, especially as I know these practices and principles are direct metaphors for life. All of us have experienced moments of blissful clarity at some point in our lives, moments of wordless trust in the balance and goodness of life. In Partner Yoga, these moments are amplified through our shared experience and connection.

The challenge is… how to apply these moments of clarity to the areas of our lives where we struggle and try to control what can’t be controlled?

And how do we unwind our painful defenses and learn to trust and align with the truth of our being?

The answer that is inspiring me most at the moment is through commitment – when we fully commit, regardless of how we may feel in any given moment, we invoke a power that is greater than our self to support us in what we cannot do through our personal will alone.

Commitment can feel scary, particularly because in order to be truly powerful, it needs to be total, with no holdouts. And, total commitment is the greatest act of courage and self-love there is… more to come on this subject!