Feeling our Way Through…

Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

As I prepare to present Levels I and II training in a few weeks, I am struck by the thoughts and emotions that arise for almost every participant as they prepare to attend the training. Kind of like a little microcosm of [...]

Living With An Open Heart

Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

How to keep my heart open no matter what – this is my meditation / contemplation right now.

One of the things I see (again) as I explore this territory is that in order to know the true tenderness and loving kindness of my [...]

Heart Dance Flow Release

Dearest Partner Yoga Friends,

For your viewing enjoyment – ‘The Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ Heart Dance Flow’. This is the first in a series of three videos soon to be released. Click on the image below and enjoy! And please do share with others.

May the beauty and [...]

Late Summer News 2013

I hope you are all enjoying the fruits of summertime …

I have been taking time to slow down, deeply rest and go within since returning from Greece. It has been interesting to notice what arises when I consciously relax all of my mental and emotional [...]

Videos for Purchase

Beautiful, inspiring Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ videos are now available here on our site. Sweetly priced at $2.99 each or $19.95 for all eleven.

Currently they are the only in-depth Partner Yoga videos on the market and an invaluable resource, geared toward all levels of [...]

Gratitude and other Gifts

Dear Friends,

Level II training is now official on November 3 -8 at an exquistite Eoc-retreat Center in Ojai, CA! If you have completed the requirements for the Level I training and would like to attend for Level II, you can apply here.

I hope all [...]