I hope you are all enjoying the fruits of summertime …

I have been taking time to slow down, deeply rest and go within since returning from Greece. It has been interesting to notice what arises when I consciously relax all of my mental and emotional impulses to take action or else!

It is a practice of trusting myself (and life) on a deeper level. When I stop and get still, even for a few breaths, I experience how everything I need (really need, not just want) is provided in this human/soul journey. My mind of course comes in with every possible proof that this is not true – that I have to push and force myself if I am to to survive in this world … but my heart knows differently.

Part of my practice right now is Sound Yoga with Noell Grace, an inspired teacher, and my housemate : ). We are exploring the power of sound to heal and nourish the Endocrine system. This is beautifully aligned with my intention to weave more sound and music into Partner Yoga, as well as an excellent way to replenish depleted adrenals.

Greece was a fascinating journey and I feel truly blessed having had this opportunity for a second time. Greek students so naturally resonate with Partner Yoga – they understand the value of touch and sacred relationship – and like all of us, they yearn for tools and support to find their way. One women dramatically shifted her relationship with her mother during the training and shared how they were able to hug each other after five years of no contact.

There are plans in the works for a Greek island training in May, 2014, followed by a training in Vienna, Austria. It is so heart/mind expanding to travel to foreign lands and to see how different, and yet how essentially the same we are.

Closer to home, I look forward to presenting at the beautiful new Core Power Yoga Center here in Santa Barbara Sept 21, and a weekend at The Yoga Center of Santa Cruz Oct 4 – 6th. And, I am very happy to be presenting the very first Level II training.

On November 3 -8, Christin Staszsky- Harper and I will be presenting Level II at an exquisite Eco Retreat Center in Ojai, CA. If you attended a Level I training and did not receive the letter with all the information, please contact me and I will forward it to you.

I have received a number of requests to offer Level I prior to this Level II, so we are considering a condensed training on Oct 30 – Nov 1. The format will be part coorespondence, along with a two and a half day hands on here in Santa Barbara. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to attend. There is limited space in both.

I hope you all take time to gratefully rest your body on the earth, receiving and enjoying this sweet season of summertime.