Dear Friends,

Level II training is now official on November 3 -8 at an exquistite Eoc-retreat Center in Ojai, CA! If you have completed the requirements for the Level I training and would like to attend for Level II, you can apply here.

I hope all your senses are enjoying the pleasures and beauty of almost summer. I have been so enjoying laying my body on the earth and feeling myself hug and appreciate her! I love using all of my senses in this – smelling the earth’s fragrance so deeply, I can actually taste it.

I have been so aware of how all living things respond to the vibration of gratitude – and how much more joyful I am when I remember to be grateful. It is so easy to take things, people, experiences in my life for granted, and how the simple intention of gratitude immediately brings me back into my heart.

One of the things I am most grateful for is that I am able to practice and share my lifelong passion – and witness its power to awaken ecstatic embodiment and authentic connection.

I truly believe it is possible to become happier in our bodies as we age – not resigned to pain and disease. Aging is a process of moving closer to the Spirit realm, becoming lighter both physically and energetically, and therefore more joyful. When we practice identifying ourselves as Spirit, connected to all things, we experience ourselves as that – radiant, embodied Spirit, grateful for every age we get to experience.

Speaking of gratitude, after such an inspired ‘gifted training’ experience I have been contemplating how to continue to support anyone with a sincere desire to attend a training. One decision I have made is to lower the price for all trainings. Beginning with my upcoming visit to Greece, all trainings will cost $790. (Pre-registration pricing). If you would like to apply for a training, visit here.

I am truly thrilled to be going back to Greece for a second visit. Armonia Yoga Studio, where the teacher training will be held, is a very special place and I encourage those of you who have contemplating the training in Europe to take advantage of this opportunity.

And I am also so looking forward to presenting an intensive training at Athens Yoga this year and meeting new people in this magical land.

Summer blessings and love,