The experiment in gift-giving at the Austin Training was a grand success – overflowing with love and gratitude. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I was so grateful to have my dear friend and inspired Partner Yoga teacher, Christin Staszesky-Harper by my side, supporting me and all those attending.

I truly believe that more than anything, we each want to share the gifts we have been given. Our intention to shift paradigms at this training was realized, and we are each changed as a result. The power of intention (and transfomation) is exponentially magnified when we join hearts, minds and bodies! It is hard to put into words what happens when we simply show up, see each other and offer our unconditional presence.

Creativity flourishes, that’s for sure.

Here are words from a few who participated at our recent training:

This experience is nearly impossible to put into words. It was one of, if not the most powerful weeks of my life. Principle-Based Partner Yoga is incredibly deep (and fun) and I look forward to deepening this practice and sharing it with others.
Biggest aha moment: Realizing how this art combines most of the things I passionately love in life!
I had the greatest week of my life. SO many breakthroughs, my life is changed; I am inspired and newly passionate and ready to give back to my community.
Elysabeth and Christin were a powerful duo. They were mirrors for us all and held space for transformation so well.

I was struck by how many people want to take the training but have felt unable due to finances. It is my intention to continue to offer this training to whomever is sincerely interested to experience it, and welcome support in whatever form in return. May we all recognize and celebrate the abundance of our lives and give joyfully with whatever resources we have at any particular moment.

Our next training will be offered on the sacred space of Shambhala Mountain Center on May 29 – June 3. In July, I am thrilled to be going back to Greece to offer two events. In August I will be offering a training in NY state in collaboration with Barefoot Yoga. On June 7 – 9, my daughter Lisa and I will be offering a Mother/Daughter Partner Yoga weekend at Kripalu.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Enjoy the beauty and bliss that summertime offers!

Warmest love,