Dear Friends-

Spring has fully sprung here in Santa Barbara! It is such a sweet pleasure to breathe in the intoxicating fragrance and visual display of the roses and jasmine growing in the beautiful gardens of my new home. It is an even greater pleasure to share Partner Yoga surrounded by this spring garden gorgeousness!

It’s hard to believe I have been in CA for almost a year – it has been a year of powerful change, deep heart opening and surrender – with lots of travel and sharing of Partner Yoga mixed in!

I recently presented at a particularly serene retreat center near Nashville called ‘GrayBear Lodge’. I hope to offer a training there next year as it is a very magical place, stewarded by people who are deeply committed to peace and harmony on the planet.

And it was a great pleasure to offer ‘The Power of Savasana’ on the sacred land of the Shambhala Mountain Center. The theme that unfolded throughout the weekend was how our feelings about death are quite different than about aging, yet somehow they get mixed together. As our culture places such emphasis and value on youth, it is easy to overlook the grace, wisdom and (quieter) power that comes with age.

At the end of the weekend, we were all blessed to witness the grace and courage of a 76 year old women practice aerial postures for the first time. We actually caught her experience on video which I hope to have on our site shortly.

One of the biggest inspirations that came out of the weekend for me was to realize that I don’t want to miss the experience of being any age that I am through fantasies of past or future. Exploring Savasana is a way I recognize that this human journey is an impermanent experience and to remember to be as fully present to it as possible.

I am looking forward to going back to Shambhala for a training May 29 – June 3 . It is such a supportive environment to learn and grow in. Those who attend leave inspired on many levels – by the practice of Partner Yoga and the sacred land and art including the Great Stupa which stands 108 feet tall.

At the moment Christin, my teaching partner and I are preparing for the Austin Training – our grand experiment in gift giving and receiving! I was so touched and moved to tears by the responses I received to my announcement of a free of charge training. Apparently this theme touched a chord that many of us have been contemplating – how do we shift out of a dollar driven value system to one that places more value on caring for each other and our planet? I know this training will have a special magic and creative energy coming out of this intent. There are still a few spots left if you want to receive this gift.

Here are some more of the travel highlights I am looking forward to this summer:

* Two events co-facilitated with my beautiful daughter, Lisa. The first is the Burlington Yoga Conference on May 5th and then a special Mother/Daughter Partner Yoga event at Kripalu on June 5 -7

* Visiting my friends at Armonia Yoga in Thessaloniki, where I will be offering my second international teacher training July 1 – 6. This year I will be expanding my visit to teach an intensive event at Athens Yoga.

* Collaborating with my friends at Barefoot Yoga for a teacher training at Garrison Institute in upstate New York, August 2 – 8.

Enjoy this beautiful season of rebirth and possibilities – and let yourself dream and follow the thread of where your dreams take you.

I so love hearing when my thoughts resonate with you – and also what is inspiring you in your life right now.

With love and spring blessings,


PS Coming soon! Streaming downloads of ‘Partner Yoga Touch’ videos will be available on our site shortly.