Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

As I prepare to present Levels I and II training in a few weeks, I am struck by the thoughts and emotions that arise for almost every participant as they prepare to attend the training. Kind of like a little microcosm of what arises in our lives. It goes something like this:

“Everyone at the training will be more ‘together’ than me. They will be stronger, smarter, more experienced, more flexible in the postures, and on and on.’ And lots of questioning, like ‘Is this the right decision, can I afford to do this, is it safe to let everyone see me vulnerable and out of my comfort zone? “

All of our insecurities arise when we are about to undertake an experience/challenge/commitment that we somehow KNOW will take us to places that we have never been before. My heart opens so wide for those that express this, especially as they find the courage to do it regardless of what their mind is saying. We each have our own unique journey to travel and I am particularly inspired by three brave souls traveling from France, Spain and Baku (the Middle East) to attend these trainings!

As I shared in my last note, I have been in my own process of going deeper as I prepare to share this first Level II training. As I learn to be more deeply present to my own vulnerability, I feel so capable and inspired to support others.

The good news from all this feeling vulnerabile is that we get to see how WE ARE ALL THE SAME! And the best news is that when we willing to experience our discomfort, we also get to experience profound joy and see what we are truly capable of. And this of course, is WHY WE ARE HERE in this sacred human journey.

And, we just so happen to have three spots that have opened for both Levels of Training. If you would sincerely like to elevate yourself personally and professionally, we can work out the finances. For more info on the curriculum or to apply, please visit our site.

Christin and I are working on our next video offering that we will be sharing soon. In the meantime, check out our second edit for ‘The Heart Dance Flow’

En-joy and love,