Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

How to keep my heart open no matter what – this is my meditation / contemplation right now.

One of the things I see (again) as I explore this territory is that in order to know the true tenderness and loving kindness of my heart, I need to be willing to feel everything – including all of the uncomfortable, and sometimes downright overwhelming feelings.

It is easy to be friendly when I feel friendly, to love when I feeling loving, to stay open when inspired, but what about all of the others moments? How do I find the willingness and courage to stay present when I feel overwhelmed by life? The truth is often I don’t stay present. I distract myself instead. Other times I am deeply present – to my own discomfort and the discomfort of others. Whatever choice I am making, I can practice loving kindness, or get even more uncomfortable.

This is the essence of my Yoga/Partner Yoga practice  – loving kindness no matter what. Can I practice the postures that make me uncomfortable? Can I reveal myself to another when I would rather not? Can I let myself cry when I feel tears? Every moment, life gives me opportunities to choose.