Summer News May 2013

The experiment in gift-giving at the Austin Training was a grand success – overflowing with love and gratitude. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I was so grateful to have my dear friend and inspired Partner Yoga teacher, Christin Staszesky-Harper by my side, supporting

Spring and Summer News 2013

Dear Friends-

Spring has fully sprung here in Santa Barbara! It is such a sweet pleasure to breathe in the intoxicating fragrance and visual display of the roses and jasmine growing in the beautiful gardens of my new home. It is an even greater pleasure to share Partner Yoga surrounded by this spring garden gorgeousness!

It’s hard

Changing Paradigms Together

The perfect tools (for connection) are not going to help us if we can’t face each other -and give and receive fearlessly. When we really see each other, we want to help each other.

Dear Partner Yoga friends,

I recently came upon a Ted Talk by Amanda Palmer entitled ‘The Art

Feb 2013 News

Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

A few days ago as I walked along the immense and beautiful california coastline I considered the greatest challenge we face as humans – will we survive and learn to peacefully inhabit this amazing planet? I could see how this challenge is both the good news and the bad news. We all

December 2012 News

Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

Can you feel it – the changes in the air? We have come to the end of an era, some say a very long era of darkness and confusion – and are awakening to what is possible when we care about each other and the planet we live on.

The change that is

Perfect Alignment

Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

Autumn is clearly in the air, even here in southern California I can sense the change – cooler temperature, shorter days and more inward moving energy. Every season, every day, Nature reveals the impermanence of our existence. Her ever- changing nature continually invites us to be present so we do not


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