Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

A few days ago as I walked along the immense and beautiful california coastline I considered the greatest challenge we face as humans – will we survive and learn to peacefully inhabit this amazing planet? I could see how this challenge is both the good news and the bad news. We all know the bad news part, but I could see how it is also the good news…

Being at the edge of our own potential self-destruction, we have an opportunity to overcome our collective denial – to get down to what is most important – why we are even having this human experience. We are here to learn to share and care for each other – and all living things – to experience directly how we are all literally part of the same energy, a fact that science now confirms.

Can the solution to all of the planet’s problems really be this simple and what does this mean, really? It is easy to complicate our situation rather than simply become willing to take responsibility for our own shadow and no longer blame anyone or anything for our experience. We each impact each other very directly – no matter what role we are playing, from the humblest to the most influential, – we are each important and necessary to the well-being of the whole. And we each have strengths, gifts and inspirations to remind each other of what is real and important.

One of my inspirations this year is to bring more music into my life and practice. Music, like Partner Yoga, is something that supports us to transcend our differences and open our hearts. I am exploring ways to collaborate with musicians to weave sound and rhythm into the Partner Yoga experience, as another powerful tool for opening on every level of our being. Music inspires us to dance, to sing, to open and celebrate our lives!

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin

2013 is a year for blossoming open! Let us each use what ever means we have to blossom – surprising and inspiring ourselves and each other.

With love from my heart to yours,