Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

Can you feel it – the changes in the air? We have come to the end of an era, some say a very long era of darkness and confusion – and are awakening to what is possible when we care about each other and the planet we live on.

The change that is happening is quite simple actually – we are realizing we are all connected, all part of the human family – what happens to some, affects us all. Our most basic human need is to love and be loved – and to feel connected to others and to that force of Nature that sustains us.

To align myself with these changes, my intent for 2013 is to love fiercely – to no longer miss opportunities to love and be loved.

I know I may not always succeed in living from love, as love, but intention is a powerful force, one the brings up everything that is in the way of what we desire. My desire is to experience everything, from the most ecstatic to the most tragic, as an opportunity to open my heart wider. It sometimes feel overwhelming to open myself to feel this much, and yet, I know this is why I am here – to realize and be, who and what I really am and to support others to do the same.

As 2012 draws to a close I feel in awe about all the change this year has brought and continues to bring. I just completed the first California training at a magical space in Ojai and was truly touched by the beings that showed up and shared themselves. I look forward to more opportunities to build Partner Yoga community here in my new home in CA.

2013 promises to be full of wonderful opportunities to experience conscious connection beginning with the first Partner Yoga event at the beautiful Raices y Brazos retreat center in Mexico on Jan 11 – 13. A Partner Yoga weekend at the tip of Baja could inspire you for the entire year!

I am looking forward to visiting my friends in Colorado at the beginning of February, presenting a weekend power of touch exploration at Samadhi Yoga Studio in Denver.

I am also thrilled about the Teacher Trainings that will be offered throughout the country and abroad in 2013. Supporting and empowering others to share Yoga the power of touch continues to be my primary passion.

I am so grateful for all of the support I received this year to be the change I want to see. May we all realize the power we have to co-create the life we know is possible.

From my heart,