Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

Autumn is clearly in the air, even here in southern California I can sense the change – cooler temperature, shorter days and more inward moving energy. Every season, every day, Nature reveals the impermanence of our existence. Her ever- changing nature continually invites us to be present so we do not miss any of it.

Lately I have been contemplating how powerfully life force flows through a perfectly aligned posture-

Perfect alignment is not something that takes years to experience – although it can if we struggle to get to some ideal destination. One of my favorite messages I share is ‘more flexible does not mean more spiritual – it just means more flexible!’ Perfect physical alignment comes from being present in balanced way, with ourselves and all of Nature. In the beginning most of us need instruction for how to experience this, though soon enough, if we are practicing from a internal place, alignment comes through us naturally and effortlessly.

In Partner Yoga practice there is an amazing, seemingly magical phenomena that occurs when we meet another in a balanced way. When our posture rests in perfect alignment, we are taken out of the realm of duality and experience unity, the root of Yoga. This experience of unity is simply sharing the same essence on the deepest level.

Rests is the key word here. To rest does not mean to be passive, it is being fully engaged while still relaxed. When we are restfully present with ourselves and with another there is a flow of unified energy that arises effortlessly and spontaneously. Even in the most challenging postures, there is a point of deep stillness that we can rest in. To realize that we do not need to effort in order to experience this relaxing flow of life can be a profound opening – and encourages us to relax in all aspects of our life.

Right now I am committed to a practice of aligning my awareness in a similar way. When I rest and relax my mind for short moments – in the face of whatever is appearing, I experience more balance and ease versus the stressful story my mind may be shouting. In doing this simple practice, I am learning to align my mind to where life flows freely and effortlessly – It is a most illuminating and satisfying adventure!

Speaking of adventures, we are planning an excellent one here in Ojai, CA this December – a week-long training in a gorgeous natural world retreat setting. There is about four weeks left to register at the pre-registration pricing. You will leave this training inspired and empowered to share the pleasures and power of Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ in your world!

To apply for the training:

With love and gratitude,