I feel so inspired right now! It amazes me how my inspiration for Partner Yoga continues to grow and seems to have no limits!

Everytime I see in others, or feel in myself what happens through these practices, I am in awe. I am so touched by the simplicity, and the ramifications – and like the quote says, ‘we become fearless when we no longer doubt our basic goodness.’

Partner Yoga invites us to experience our basic goodness. It empowers us toward trust and fearlessness – in ourselves, and with others, because we see that we are all the same.

The practice uplifts every area and every relationship in our lives. It shows us how to go deeper in our individual practice, it gives us tools to play with our children, it is a pathway to experience tantric ecstasies with our lover, and empowers us to know our very real relationship with all humans and all Nature.

Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ gives us a direct and immediate experience into the heart of Yoga, and elevates every level of our being. We remember the joy of having physical bodies and get to play together! We overcome ideas of what we think we are capable of. In PBPY, we include Acro Yoga style postures, mirrored postures, restorative postures, and creative flows. We  focus on the root principle of Yoga – union, and experience unified fields of silence, together.

I can see how my devotion to this practice has brought so much goodness, adventure and abundance into my life. And I am more inspired than ever to share Partner Yoga and to empower others to share it. In this upcoming training I will be presenting a new segment in the curriculum – ‘Manifesting Abundance with  Partner Yoga’. Most healers and Yoga teachers (myself included) have been conditioned by limiting beliefs in regard to  financial return for our service. Let’s change this together! Let’s recognize and receive value from sharing the great gift of Yoga.

If Partner Yoga inspires you, I invite you to attend one of the upcoming trainings and then share the rich inspiration with others. Each training is being offered in exceptional locations  – Santa Barbara, Greece and Vienna. Visit our calendar for details and a complete listing of events.

There is one week left to register for the Santa Barbara training at the great value price of $790.