During my recent travels through middle America, I have been contemplating ‘the middle way’, a path discovered and taught by the Buddha in his search for enlightenment and freedom from suffering.

The Middle way is a spiritual practice that embraces balance in all things, avoiding both extreme asceticism and extreme hedonism. This seems a very relevant perspective to consider in our current culture.

We can no longer afford to hold extreme positions that contribute to division and separation. We need to be willing to see how our opinions, positions and narratives are really just that – stories we tell ourselves that are not the deeper truth of our humanity.

Driving through middle America on my way to ‘The Enlightened Living Center’, I fell more deeply in love with the beauty of this country and its people.

Democrats and Republicans alike, including those that don’t affiliate – we all want the same thing, and it is what the Buddha taught – a way to be happy and free from suffering.

We just have different ideas about what will bring us this freedom.

I am so grateful and happy to be here at the birth of this space, a space created for the study and practice of enlightened living – primarily through the practice of Yoga and conscious relationship.

In a recent interview I was asked ‘What would you say to those that are uncomfortable being intimate or touching others, especially people they don’t know?’

This of course is the biggest challenge for the practice of Partner Yoga! Relationships are our greatest fulfillment and our most formidable challenge. We all want rich and deep connection and yet because of past painful experience, we believe it is simpler and easier to stay separate.

More than anything else, what I love about Partner Yoga is the effect it has on our hearts – we so easily fall in love with each other when given the space and opportunity.
Even if when we forget this love, the imprint has been made and we can more easily return to this natural state of being.

This said, I want to personally invite each of you to consider joining us either virtually or in person for this upcoming training.

If you have any hesitation, physically, emotionally or financially, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Sharing Partner Yoga has been the greatest passion of my life and even though there has been many moments when I have felt discouraged, I know this is why I am here, to share this practice and awaken the truth of love in my own heart and in the hearts of others.