So far the year 2022 continues to be a time of great change, uncertainty and possibilities for transformation.

It is ever more clear that the only thing we truly have the power to transform is ourselves, and from this, we transform collectively. When we are centered in ourselves, the actions we take in the world come out of our wisdom nature, not from fearful media manipulations.

For me, the primary portal of transformation is in my emotional body. The more I surrender resistance to whatever emotion (and accompanying sensation) is presenting, the more positive change I experience – in every area of my life. It may not be immediate but it is undeniable.

This past two years have brought challenging emotions to the surface for almost everyone. Some continue to distract, deny, or project, but those of us that are willing to feel what is alive in us, know this is a potent opportunity to grow ourselves and our world.

“Energy is everything and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  – Albert Einstein

This is why I love the above quote by Albert Einstein, one of our greatest scientists and mystics. Frequency is created through the emotional body, from the emotional energy we emit. When we allow our emotions to flow freely and consciously, our lives flow much more freely as well.

We have all been taught and culturally conditioned away from fully feeling. This is true with feelings we deem ‘positive’ as well as those we deem ‘negative’. Our emotions are our energy-in-motion, and bring passion and power to our lives. Yet we can so easily feel overwhelmed by their presence.

What I am seeing is every feeling is precious. We do not need to fear or resist any of them. Children are great teachers of this – we can observe how they easily and shamelessly move from laughter to tears to anger and back to joy.

I am also seeing how much energy it takes to not feel,- when we  keep our emotions held in, while attempting to control our reality with obsessive thinking – we create stress and dis-ease.  I have experienced this personally and know there are many scientific studies that reveal that most every chronic condition is related to repressed or unprocessed emotion.

We cannot escape the challenges and the emotions that come through our bodies, no matter how hard we try. This has never been more obvious as with our current collective experience and the emotions it has triggered.

The presence and support of others helps us to meet the challenges more directly, with compassion and we begin to see that even though we each have unique stories and challenges, we all suffer the same.

My personal experience continues to reveal that it is to the degree we are willing to feel these challenges that we get to experience the joy, the pleasure and the beauty of our embodied humanity.

My experience has also revealed another fascinating paradox – that it is through going deeply into our embodied experience, that we begin to glimpse who we are beyond our body, as an unlimited and immortal Soul.

It takes courage to feel, to feel the full range of our emotions, or our physical pain directly, especially if we have spent so much of our lives attempting to avoid it. And yet, something magical happens when we become willing, with the support of others to feel.

Thinking is the primary way we avoid feeling. Thinking can be fun and fascinating (although most of the time it isn’t) and yet, we can easily see that we don’t THINK happiness or well-being. We FEEL it.

I invite you into the practice of feeling, whether you are currently practicing Yoga / Partner Yoga or not – simply take a few minutes throughout your day to scan your body, feel what emotions are alive in you, celebrating this human capacity to feel.

We all, myself included, need support in developing our emotional resilience and intelligence. I look forward to sharing some valuable insights and practices I have discovered through my new program ‘Celebrating The Emotional Body’.