Love, love, love… my resolution for 2015.

There is always a sense of freshness and new possibilities as a new year begins, even if we do not engage in resolutions. It can be clarifying to spend some time considering the past year and what we might like to do differently, or even more to the point, how we want to be different in the year ahead.

How do we encourage our potential for growth and change? One way is by recognizing it is not what happens in our life as much as how we respond to what happens that changes us and the quality of our lives. No ones life, no matter what their circumstances, is without challenges. It is through challenges that we grow and change, especially when we trust we are up for the challenge even when we don’t feel like we are.

Asking ourselves on a regular basis what Einstein called the most important question ‘is the universe friendly?’ can be very revealing. Do we trust that life is always happening for our growth and evolution, not to make us suffer and struggle?

For me the answer to this question comes down to my heart. Is my heart open to life or fearful and protective against it? There are alway plenty of valid and righteous reasons to be fearful but it is just not much fun to hang out there.

Life does not always feel good. Sometimes it can feel very painful. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t good, or friendly. As we practice staying present and holding ourselves (and each other) when we are in pain, the pain passes and we come out the other side… stronger, wiser and more compassionate human beings.

Some of the changes I want to make in 2015 is to, in the wise words of my Vedic astrologer, ‘work smarter, not harder’, finding more easeful, fun ways to share Partner Yoga, while reaching more people.

One way I came up with is to cut the training hours and the costs in half – Level I is now a 25hr, 3.5 day training with a tuition of $495. For those inspired to go deeper, we will also offer an in-depth, 50hr Level II once a year.

Another change I am inspired to make is to invite more men to become Partner Yoga facilitators. There is something very powerful and balancing when a male presence facilitates such an inherently feminine practice as Partner Yoga. As some of you know, I put out a FB notice that I am seeking male apprentices. Those of you interested will need to complete the Level I requirements in a group training orby working with me privately.

I am really excited about the first training of 2015 hosted by Ms. Gina Lee and Bearfoot Yoga Center in Bayshore, Long Island on Feb 5 – 8th. Participants will come out of the training just in time to facilitate a Valentine’s Day Workshop, the one day a year most everyone will give Partner Yoga a try : )

Other Level I trainings are in the works for 2015, including a European trip so stay tuned to our calendar. If your studio is interested in hosting a training, feel free to be in touch.

May peace prevail in our hearts and throughout our beautiful planet!