I was recently asked in an interview what my three favorite things were. My answer was Love, Partner Yoga and Nature.

I have been thinking about how these things are all the same to me. In Partner Yoga, we experience our true Nature as Love. Nature is experienced as Love when we open and connect with it. And Love, reveals its Nature when we let go of separation, as in the practice of Partner Yoga. It is inspiring to contemplate and celebrate how my favorite things are, in essence, the same thing.

This is the perfect time of year to both contemplate and celebrate. I just returned from a solo retreat contemplating how to bring myself and this practice to deeper levels of truth. And how to support Partner Yoga’s growth both on the inner and outer levels so that it continues to expand in its ability to transform and touch lives. I am touched when I observe how my own journey is so intimately connected to Partner Yoga finding its way in the world.

I am also celebrating what I am witnessing in the world – how people all over the world are truly waking up to the reality that life is about sharing, not about taking. As humans we want to give of ourselves – and be received. We want to know that we have touched others. In Partner Yoga, we have a direct experience of the power of sharing, how we are empowered and made greater through it, while being released from the pain of our isolation. We relax in the realization that we are the same, while celebrating the uniqueness our beings – and how we all have an important gift to share.

As you prepare for the upcoming holiday, I invite you to stay attuned to your body, to rest and receive what the dark time has to give. I invite you to touch your friends and family with extra awareness of the love that you feel for them. The simplest gestures of compassionate touch remind us how we are all part of the same human family, whose Nature is Love.

In service to Love,