What? Partner Yoga in Cyberspace? That sounds crazy!

Yes, it did to me too when I first considered it. But after deeper consideration, I grew to like the idea and now I am literally overflowing with inspiration for the possibilities that technology offers including:

Reaching a global audience. No one needs to travel to connect (reducing the carbon footprint is an added bonus) so the potential to reach people in the furtherest regions of the planet is possible.

People can share the practice with someone of their own choosing. Feel free to bring a different partners for each of the eight webinars.

Practice on your schedule. All the sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend the live session.

In-depth, precise, step by step instruction that you can access forever.

A private, in person or virtual session with me to refine and develop your practice.

Ten pre-recorded award-winning principle-based instructional videos as soon as you register.

Support to experience the benefits of Partner Yoga regardless of your skill or experience level.

Yoga teachers and other professionals receive all the tools and necessary support to share the practice with your students and clients.

Why would you want to invest in this program? Because not only is it the first of its kind, in my humble opinion it is also the very best. I see it as an incredible value that will greatly enhance the lives of all of those that participate.

Who is this program designed for? Anyone who has a sincere interest in:

  • Enhancing the quality of all of your relationships
  • Reducing stress and enhancing your well-being on every level
  • Elevating your individual Yoga practice
  • Beginning a Yoga practice with the support of a partner
  • Sharing sacred space with your friends, students, or partners
  • Expanding your awareness in every aspect of your being
  • Living life more connected to your essence of Love

There are literally thousands of trainings in individual Yoga practice, yet what I see is that it is in our relationships that we are most challenged.

Partner Yoga takes us both deeper in our practice of Yoga and in our ability to remain open and heart connected to others.

I have dedicated over 25yrs to this practice, both developing it and sharing it with others. To my knowledge, there is no one else on the planet with the same degree of experience and skill in this area.

Do not miss this opportunity to dive deep into your being and to share what you discover with those you love.

PS We are now offering two amazing opportunities to share the news of the program to receive up to 50% off the cost of the program. We are also offering two completely free scholarships.