The Time for Change is Now

Change is not easy, which is why we want others to do it. We want others to conform to our way of seeing so we can feel more comfortable. The older and more entrenched we [...]

Awakening the Heart

The Great Change, the Great Realization, the Awakening of Humanity. There have been many names given to and prophesied about this time we [...]

Synthesizing Ancient Practices to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Among other things like playing the piano again and time in Nature, I have been spending these past weeks delving deeply into how the ancient science of acupressure affects our physical and emotional [...]

Cultivating Patience in the Pandemic

As we continue down the path of sheltering in place, I am doing my best to make the most of this strange moment [...]

Peace and Possibilities

Wow, what a time we are in. Surreal is a word I am hearing often and seems to accurately describe our collective experience. For myself, I am noticing big waves of emotional energy moving through. I also notice periods when I feel deeply exhausted as a [...]

Crisis As Opportunity / Pandemic or Panacea?

Today I woke up and could sense the collective fear and panic in the air as I imagine many of you are feeling the same. 

I spent time considering what I can personally do to help keep the vibe high and to support [...]