Today I woke up and could sense the collective fear and panic in the air as I imagine many of you are feeling the same. 

I spent time considering what I can personally do to help keep the vibe high and to support myself and others in focusing on what is real and true and not allow our fearful thoughts and projections to overwhelm us.

It seems to me that fear is the fastest spreading virus. And we each play our part in containing or spreading this extremely painful pandemic. 

The simplest and most immediate remedy that comes to mind is to stay present with what is actually happening, and to be grateful and open to the goodness that is here and now.

Fear seems to be at the root of all of our personal and collective pain and problems. Fear is the root cause of anger, attack, defense, hatred, greed, war and violence of all kinds. 

It seems we are all now being given this grand opportunity to work with and see through the illusion of our fears, and how fear is for the most part, a thought constructed energy that arises out of believing our scary thoughts and stories. 

What if this pandemic actually turns out to be the panacea (a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases) for our planet?

This crisis has already connected us like nothing ever before as it is at the forefront of everyone’s consciousness. What if we begin to realize we are one planet, one people and actually begin to act in ways that benefits all sentient beings?

What if we all started caring deeply for this precious planet that sustains us, spending time each day acknowledging it and expressing our gratitude for its generosity? 

What if we used this crisis as an opportunity to consider why we are even here in this human life? Perhaps this experience will teach us to let go of our fear, and to move ever closer to our true nature and essence as connected, caring human beings. 

I know there is a very real illness spreading across our planet, and I also know that succumbing to our fearful thinking compromises our immunity like nothing else. 

We all know by now the physical remedies to prevent the spread of this virus. Let’s turn our attention to giving our minds the support it needs to counter the spread of this illness.

What came to me regarding ways I could support and uplift is to offer donation-based Virtual Yoga / Partner Yoga and Compassionate Coaching, because I know that supporting others is the best way I can support myself.

The earth is incredibly resilient and so are we.
It is my deepest heart’s desire to do whatever I can to be of  service during this time of change and upheaval,



I call on my ancestors
I call on the sages and enlightened masters
from the past
I call on the spirit of Life
I call on Heaven and Earth

May my family be healthy
May all beings be healthy

May all the doctors, nurses, caretakers
working tirelessly on the front line find courage
May all who have lost someone they love find peace and serenity
May all who are infected find faith
May all who lost income have a warm place
to sleep and enough food to eat

If suffering is necessary, may it also be accompanied
by openings to deeper love and wisdom
May the suffering required to ride this crisis be as minimal as possible

May this be an opportunity for the realization
of more love and compassion
May this be an opportunity for the realization of more wisdom and clarity
May this be an opportunity for the discovery of more aligned ways of being
May we learn all the lessons meant for us
May the Tao (the power of Nature) be with us all

-Navlyn Wang