Dear Friends,

Happy Holidays! Winter is such a powerful time for honoring the energies of the dark and the light. With the nights longer and the weather cooler, there is more time for deep resting and dreaming – even as we enjoy the holidays and time with friends and family. I am deeply appreciating this quieter season right now and the light of self-awareness that comes out of contemplating my dreams.

Recently I had a very powerful dream, one that showed me very directly how I am all the different characters that played a part in the dream. We all want to see ourselves as a ‘good person’ while this dream showed me how there is also within me the capacity for the darkest deeds. It was both terrifying and liberating! In my waking awareness I wrote the dream down, and continued it in my active imagination, facing my fear while being the character that I consciously choose to be.

The dream was an invitation to acknowledge, and respect, both the light and the dark aspects of my being, making it is easier to bring the light of my conscious awareness to the hidden, shadowy sides of my nature. Rather than reject or project these parts, I see that I can make a conscious, choice to act with kindness – toward myself and others – understanding that we are all doing the best we can even when it doesn’t appear that way. This scary dream became a great gift, one that I continue to receive from. (Feel free to email me if you’d like to read the dream : )

At least a third of our lives is spent sleeping – and even here, while we sleep we are given opportunities to grow and learn. If you think you can’t ever remember your dreams, simply intend to do so before going to sleep. Although ‘big’ dreams may only occur a few times in our life, we always have the our waking dreams to work with and realize.

May we all dream of peace on Earth and bring it into our waking reality!

With love and gratitude for the wild journey we call life,