So much change is happening in this ‘Year of the Water Dragon, 2012’ – for me personally as well as collectively, around the planet. As we are now half way through the year, I wanted to revisit the energetic qualities this year promises from the Chinese astrology perspective:

Yang Energy: it has vigor, it moves and changes like a storm

Water Energy: it cares, it has true feeling

Dragon Energy: it has powerful potential, colossal expansion

How have you been experiencing these qualities? One of the major changes I have experienced is spontaneously moving from my home of almost twenty years and transitioning to Santa Barbara, CA. On top to this, I have seriously questioned whether to continue my life’s work with Partner Yoga, and most recently, I presented the first international Partner Yoga Teacher Training in Thessaloniki, Greece – which definitely felt like a ‘colossal expansion’ on many levels.

Greece was truly a magical experience. I felt so at home with the people, the land and the exquisite Aegean Sea. Our group consisted of participants from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Australia and of course, Greece. The practices of Principle-Based Partner Yoga immediately bonded us as a group, and invited a recognition of our shared humanity – despite our language and cultural differences. I was so touched by how much each person contributed to the experience. We laughed and cried so much during our time together. I am very grateful for the humor and generosity of my dear friends Andreas and Vayia, our hosts at Armonia Yoga Studio, the beautiful space where the training was held.

Greece, as you may know, is in the midst of a ‘crisis’ which I see as a metaphor for the crisis we are in as an entire planet. Crisis, as we know, is also a great opportunity for change and transformation. It was a great honor to bring this practice that embodies transformation through collaboration, to Greece at this moment of crisis.

Jennifer Allen, my lovely assistant in Greece, and I greatly enjoyed talking with almost everyone we met. Here is a sample conversation we had with a Taxi driver: “What do you think of the crisis?”, we asked. “This crisis affects everyone, everywhere – we have to change, to become more human. We have to learn how to share”, he said in his beautiful Greek accent. I was so struck by this – the simplicity and irrefutability of what he spoke brought tears to my eyes.

What happens in Greece, in America, and with each of us as individuals, affects everyone everywhere, whether we are aware of it or not. We are part of each other and the more we can recognize this, and move toward sharing and supporting each other, the ‘more human’ we become. And, the more joy and the less suffering we experience, personally and collectively.

Having had this experience in Greece and this time to contemplate by the healing power of the Pacific ocean, I know it is my heart and soul’s desire to continue sharing Partner Yoga. I see over and over the profound ways these simple practices open peoples hearts, minds and body’s. I know that nothing is accomplished by one person alone and the more we join together to create positive change, the more impact we have.

I welcome guidance and support to expand Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ in the world. If this practice has inspired or impacted you in a positive way and you would like to support its growth, we now have a donate button on our Resource page for financial contributions. If you have other skills or gifts you would like to contribute, we as a community, and myself as the founder, are open and grateful to receive them.

Whenever I experience confusion, fear or self-doubt with all change that is happening within and without, I remind myself of my intention for this year and that is simply ‘more joy’. This is my prayer for all of us.
With love and gratitude,


PS I will be visiting my friends in Boulder, CO the week of August 20th and will be offering a full day of Yoga and Partner Yoga on August 25th. Details to follow.

I am currently organizing my calendar for 2013 which will include another training in Greece. I am also planning a Fall training here in Santa Barbara, which is tentatively scheduled for the week of November 5 – 11th.