I was blessed to present a particularly precious Partner Yoga training at Athen’s Yoga this summer and I am still feeling an expansive heart from my time there.

To give you a sense of our experience, here are some responses from participants:

‘Through this training I renewed my passion for Yoga and feel so grateful to have found a path to enjoy Yoga again and share it with others. My biggest breakthrough was simply sitting sacrum-to-sacrum and feeling that support. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.’ – Ioanna / Athens

Before the training, I thought of Partner Yoga as partner work with the physical body. Now I understand that it is a powerful psychological, emotional and physical experience. My biggest breakthrough was when I ‘flew’ with Elysabeth. I felt that I was beginning to live again and that at last I had the right to feel my feelings and not hide them.’ – Vera / Moscow

My biggest breakthrough was experienced in Savasana, when we were all connected. That particular intense energy flowing through the whole group felt like a deep embrace. After, I felt really rejuvenated’ – Eleni / Athens

Elysabeth, you are a treasure of love! You touched my heart with your openness and authenticity. You motivated me to connect deeply with my true Self, who loves to share… You taught me through your example how to connect, not only with my Self, but also with the others’ inner Self! I admire you and I bow to you for what you really are! – Kalli / Athens

After the training, the feeling of open-heartedness and connection stayed with me and spread to every aspect of my life. – Vassi / Athens

I am so touched by the eloquence coming from those for whom English is a second language. And I am always deeply touched to see that no matter where I am on the planet, I can see how we are all the same, we all long for the real and true experience of connection, to ourselves, each other and to this precious earth that sustains us.

Although science now confirms that separation is an illusion, it can feel very real and very painful. My own journey with feeling separate continues to inspire me to share and cultivate this practice that so profoundly opens us to the direct experience that we are all connected – we all exist in one resonant field, a field I choose to call love.

In poet Mary Oliver’s words ‘We do not have to be good, we just have to let the soft animal of our body loves what it loves…meanwhile the wild geese calls, announcing your place in the family of things.

Anything that brings us back to this knowing, that we are all an integral part of the whole of creation is a gift to a world greatly in need of peaceful resolutions.

The Level I training is a deep immersion into this experience of heart connected unity. It is designed for anyone, with or without prior experience. You will come away with the skills, tools and inspiration to share the practice with others, personally or professionally.