Dear Partner Yoga Friends,

What a wild and wonderful ride it has been so far this Year of the Water Dragon, 2012. Traditional Chinese astrology tells us the qualities we can expect this year are:

Yang Energy: it has vigor, it moves and changes, like a storm

Water Energy: it cares, it has true feeling, relates to kidneys/bladder

Dragon Energy: powerful potential, colossal expansion

2012 is a year of big change, (as if we did not know). Dragon energy is big and moves with a force that can feel overwhelming. For this reason, our simple daily practices become more important than ever.

Take time, even if it is only a few minutes each day to connect with your body, your heart, your loved ones, Nature and the Divine with intent and gratitude. If you are lucky enough to practice Partner Yoga, you can experience all of these connections simultaneously!

Mayan astrology tells us that 2012 is the end of the world as we know it. Personally, I am thrilled to see all changes that are happening – within and without. Bring it on. Change, evolution, awakening is what our soul desires, and why we are here on the planet. I sense the tremendous support and momentum for us to make conscious change – change that will empower us to live more joyfully and authentically. My simple intent for 2012 is more joy.

One of the most powerful practices I know for letting go of fear and opening to change is the ‘Surrendering into Life and Death Practice’, found in ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga.‘ Paradoxically, this practice brings great peace and joy – and renewed gratitude for you life. You can safely explore it with anyone- your partner, a friend or family member and each time you experience it, it will be a different journey.

Early this Spring I will be offering for the very first time, a full weekend to explore this practice at The Shambhala Mountain Center March 2 – 4. The weekend is entitled ‘Savasana: Exploring our Death to Liberate our Lives’. Consider giving this gift to yourself. Like birth, death is an ever present part of our lives. It is a time when the veil between the worlds of matter and spirit are most transparent. This practice supports us to not only make peace with death, it empowers us to be fully alive now!

Love and gratitude,