A Free Version of Partner Yoga Touch Now Available!

I love technology, I love everything it offers us. I love how it gives us instant access to the entire global community. And because our lives are so driven by it, it is more important than ever to consciously create space for real human connection, both with ourselves and others.

This is why I am so happy to announce that the latest version of our iPhone app ‘Partner Yoga Touch Intro’ is finally complete and available for FREE download.

For me, this app represents the best of both worlds, human and technological. ‘Partner Yoga Touch’ provides tools to cultivate our human capacity to deeply see, hear, touch, smell and know each other – and ourselves.

Here is some of what the new free version offers:

  • Send a Deep Breath: Instead of a text, send a deep breath and uplift anyone’s day. This feature is a multi-media 17 second video that you can send to any smart phone. It is a simple, effective way to remind each other how the breath is our most immediate and constant way we connect with each other – and with life.
  • Self-Embodiment Practice: I love this 6 minute guided meditation complete with beautiful, live sitar by Jim Beckwith. I’ve been sitting with it every morning and so appreciate the way it centers me for my day. It is so easy in our busy lives to feel that we don’t have time or focus for a sitting practice, so I invite you to enjoy of this easeful embodiment practice.
  • Back-to-Back Sacrum Connection: This simple, yet powerful practice is a direct route to experiencing the transpersonal aspects of yourself and others. Connecting sacrums awakens our life force and supports us to stay rooted in the different aspects of our being. There is also a video for an alternative version of doing the practice on a bench for those with knee or hip issues.
  • Audio Contemplations: 2 minute contemplations on the principles of Self and Union to include in your meditations or to inspire you throughout the day.
  • Deeper Learning: Four written essays on various subjects to deepen your understanding and experience of Partner Yoga.
  • Live Partner Yoga Flow: This 2 minute Partner Yoga Dance set to Jim Beckwith’s beautiful music will inspire you with the creative, connective potentials of this practice. This video is found under the ‘About Partner Yoga’ tab.
  • Principle-Based Partner Yoga™ directory of teachers: Find a teacher trained in this practice or learn how you can become a Teacher.

All of this and more is available on the free version along with the option to download more practices for $.99 each.

I feel so proud of this offering and hope that it finds it way around the planet through the wonders of technology!

With love and gratitude,