This is a practice that expands our capacity to listen deeply. There is a particularly rich and potent intimacy that arises when silence is shared in the natural world.

Consider using this simple, contemplative practice when in need of greater clarity and understanding. The subject may be something that is inspiring or concerning you. This practice has its roots in the ancient practice of labyrinth walking but includes the presence of another.

1. Find a quiet path or trail to walk. Ideally, choose one that is a minimum of two miles with a midway destination point.

2. Consider what it is that you would like to contemplate or receive clarity with as you walk. Hold this inquiry lightly as you journey on the path.

3. On the first half of the walk, stay silent and aware of the presence of your partner and of the natural world. Notice everything, using all of your senses. Allow there to be a sense of spaciousness between you while also staying attuned to each other’s presence. Feel how you are both an intimate part of Nature.

4. Allow your thoughts to naturally quiet as you become more present. Be open and receptive to any insights that arise. Listen both inwardly and outwardly.

5. Take a rest at the mid-way point, connecting your body in a comfortable way to the earth, a tree, a rock or water. Feel your deep appreciation for the healing power of Nature. Drink or snack as desired.

6. When you and your friend feel ready, begin your journey back. Take turns sharing your experience and insights from the journey in. Continue to notice the presence of Nature as you listen deeply to your own voice and your partners.