I remember when I first received the inspiration and clarity to offer Teacher Trainings. It came after a 10 day Vipassana Retreat. These retreats are quite rigorous, and require courage to commit to 10 days of total silence, with about 10 hours of sitting meditation a day.

When the retreat ended, everything felt so vivid and alive and I received a very clear insight that training others to share the practice was my next step and what would expand Partner Yoga in the world.

The first training which took place in August, 2009, was an incredible experience of joy and empowerment, for me, as well as for those attending. I had never before felt so free and clear to share myself and my passion for Partner Yoga.

It was truly a life changing experience. Now, almost ten years later, I have facilitated many Partner Yoga Trainings. Because every group creates its own dynamic, each training is unique and special in its own way.

There is one aspect that remains consistent and that is the experience of unconditional love that is generated within the group. It may not be there immediately, but it always presents itself.

This is the power of conscious connection.

Almost everyone who is drawn to participate in a training feels some level of trepidation. The fascinating part is that everyone thinks that they are the only one that feels this way! There is an intuitive sense when entering the domain of Partner Yoga that it requires courage to reveal our authentic selves.

Being open to this depth of experience is both the challenge and the gift, as we all want to live from a place of authenticity and vulnerability – the place where we fall in love with each other.

Through these practices, and a safe, sacred container, we all very quickly come to see our sameness, versus our differences. We see how we all have the same thoughts, feelings and desire to connect, so we can relax and have fun.

Partner Yoga practice brings us easily and naturally into our bodies and the present moment. We get to feel and honor our emotions, an important and often maligned aspect of our humanity.

Sometimes, for no obvious reason, someone bursts into tears during a particular practice. When this happens, relief is felt throughout the group, knowing the tears are flowing for all of us and that energy, that may have been trapped for years, is flowing once again.

The more I experience this space of openness and unconditional love that arises over the course of a training, the more I know it is possible to experience this in every moment of my life.

Beyond all of the other benefits the practice provides, this is the heart of the practice – feeling and knowing ourselves as Love.

Every training I have facilitated is deeply etched in my soul and I know this depth of trust and compassionate connection is possible for everyone, given the right circumstances.

with love and joy,