Sometimes we need a little boost to move us towards self-care action. Do whatever works. Give yourself permission to use your favorite music, herb, affirmations, Nature, connection with an animal or person you feel unconditionally loved by, to motivate your practice. Consider doing the practice outside to receive the added nourishment of the earth.

1. Place yourself into a relaxed Savasana position. Use a pillow under knees and head as desired.

2. Begin to breathe consciously however the body wants to breath, lightly or deeply. See how intimate you can become with the natural movement of your breath. Feel how conscious breathing naturally and effortlessly unwinds tension in the body.

3. Let go as much as possible of physical holding and receive the ground under you. Fully experience how supported you are. Release the jaw, the entire cranium and the spine in particular as you consciously soften the back body.

Note: Stay in this position and breath as long as you like. It this is all you do you would receive tremendous benefit simply from conscious breathing and conscious release of tension.

4. When you feel inspired to move, lift the chin slightly so the ridge of the cranium is pressing downward. Engage the cervical curve (neck) upward as you press the cranial ridge actively toward the ground. Breath as you hold this position.

5. Very slowly begin moving the head from side to side keeping strong pressure downward as you make this movement. Hold the head rotated to each side and take multiple breaths. This action releases neck tension and strengthens the cervical spine. It also creates energetic flow between the head and body, the area where we often feel the most disconnection.

6. Come back to a neutral position and check in with your body. Open with curiosity and self-compassion to the needs and desires of our body. As the witness and guardian of your own body, ask ‘how do you want to move next?’ ‘what part of you wants to be opened and felt?’

7. Then listen, not to your thoughts but to the impulses coming from the body. If you have never done a self directed practice like this it may require some trust and patience to connect with your body in this way.

8. If nothing comes through to you from your body, you can choose to move into a posture you have enjoyed in the past but be creative with it. How can you play with this form so it feels alive, expansive and releases tension?

9. Continue moving your body in new and unusual ways for as long as you like. Sense the bodies organs, joints, bones, blood and tissues. You may feel inspired to bring in sound or rhythmic movements. Feel a deeper energy, maybe even a blissful energy waking up inside your body.

10. Be amazed by the innate wisdom and life-force of the body. Appreciate its capacity to always move in the direction of well-being.

Note: If there is very loud and painful thoughts and feelings present, begin in Child Pose with arms extended forward. Take really deep breaths and focus on expelling as much air as possible on the exhalation. This has a quieting effect on the mind and emotions.