Why would we want to explore death? It can sound rather morbid at first glance and yet my experience is that this practice awakens more joy than any other I have encountered.

How could this be so? Because at the root of all of our fears lies the fear of death – our own and our loved ones. When we are supported to contemplate this ultimate letting go, something magical happens – we realize the preciousness of our lives and we awaken our courage to live our lives more fully.

The practice of Savasana is not only a practice of relaxation and integration, it is also an opportunity to explore the deepest layers of our being. We begin with relaxing the physical, and are then gently guided to relax our emotional and mental concepts.

Finally as our identity softens, we begin to sense the eternal aspect of our being, and receive a glimpse into who and what we are beyond form, beyond time, beyond death.

In the workshop, Savasana: Exploring out Death to Liberate our Lives, we are given two rare opportunities – to explore both our own relationship with death and to be the guardian for someone taking the journey. The experience can be one of simply deep rest, to profound self/other forgiveness, to a direct experience with the after life.

Through my many years of personal practice and in facilitating others, I have seen that each time we journey into this realm it is different, and perfect for what is needed.

Death is something that touches us all. This workshop, offered in both a 3hr or weekend format, is a rare opportunity to compassionately encounter Savasana as a gateway to greater aliveness.