Dear Friends,

We humans are naturally creative beings. We are happiest when expressing this part of our nature, whether it be through creating a beautiful meal or a piece of art. Have you ever noticed how every aspect of our lives holds creative potential? From how we feed and clothe ourselves, to how we decorate our homes and gardens, to how we recognize our own deep nature? Each part of life holds potential for creative expression.

What holds us back from expressing creatively? For me it is fear of judgement, mostly my own. I realize judgements coming from outside only really hurt when there is a part of me that believes its true. Creativity flourishes best in an atmosphere of non-judgment. This is why kindness and humor are so vital to our capacity to express. Learning to not take myself or my creations too seriously is really helpful too when it comes to self-expression.

“Children are beautiful teachers of creativity. They are not concerned with how others receive their art and express themselves simply for the joy of creation.

Creativity integrates our humanity with our divinity. It utilizes the inspired wisdom of our higher nature with the non-judgmental innocence of our inner child. ’

– from ‘The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga’

One of the things I love most about Partner Yoga practice is its creative nature. Some of the most joyful moments come when co-creating something unique, that has never before been experienced. It may be a group posture, a partner flow set to music or an inspired insight into how the practice reveals itself in life.

The continual creative expansion of Partner Yoga is what keeps the practice so alive and exciting for me – I love how it takes us into unknown territory, within and without.

I am so looking forward to this upcoming training! Gina Lee and Leigh Brooke Goldberg, two high energy teachers, will be joining me to facilitate what I know is going to be an inspired and creative experience.

This training offers so much more then skills for teaching and practice.It is profound inspiration for living a courageous and creative life.

If you have ever considered taking the training, I encourage you to commit to coming now – what are you waiting for?

‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one precious and wild life?’

– Mary Oliver

with love and devotion,