Wow, what a time to be alive on the planet! The polarity of opposing energies seems to have reached an all time high and the shock of the recent election reveals a time of major shifts and change. As the shock subsides many are asking what is real and important, and how can we contribute to the positive change.

Although fear and anger still seem to be escalating, we also see a rising tide of unity consciousness, non-violent activism and the realization that we are in this together – what affects one, affects all. The environmental crisis and our need to implement renewable energy has become a unifying factor.

As Bernie expressed early on in the presidential debates ‘the greatest threat to our national security is global warming.’ Without a healthy eco sphere to live in, humans existence will be unsustainable, and our military might or net worth will hold no value.

The current system of extreme polarization, of me versus you, good versus bad is playing itself out and our perception of separation is dissolving. The prevailing consciousness that has had us conditioned to live in fear, isolation and powerlessness is coming to an end. Even as it still appears things will get worse before they get better, that choice is up to us.

There is no us and them – it’s all us, each with the full range of human potential. We all have within us the potential for great good and great destructiveness and as we recognize this, we empower ourselves to make creative, constructive choices.

It is quite tempting and seductive given the current reality, to point the finger outward and blame others for the problems we see and feel. And yet, it is up to each of us to commit, again I quote Bernie, ‘to live our lives in a way that alleviates human suffering’, our own and each others.

Sounds like a great idea, but how do we actually do this?

We begin simply, with the intention each day to recognize we are responsible for the quality of our experience and we can trust that as we commit to living from our heart, without aggression, the way is revealed. We take action from a place of clarity, non-violence and compassion.

What I see and feel personally as our greatest challenge is how we deal with conflict. I’ve become quite curious to explore how conflict can actually open our hearts rather then close it.

Questions I have been asking myself-

What if we learned to use conflict to cultivate compassion rather then destruction? How can we transform  our anger and fear into greater trust and intimacy?

These are some of the questions and practices we will be exploring in the new program, Illuminated Embodiment, debuting as a 5 day program at Kripalu the week of Feb 12. Illuminated Embodiment are words I use to describe living with intention, vibrant clarity and balance, through embracing the full range of our humanity.

As I find my way toward fully trusting my heart, I am reminded that we all want the same thing, to be happy, feel safe, to love and be loved – and that it is through the heart, not the mind, we will find our way through the current changes and challenges.